The Session Download Area

Session Download Instructions:

  1. Right Click on the Session Link below.
  2. Save to your desktop, folder, or other location.
  3. Use your desired mp3 player to open and play the session.



Weight Control Affirmations.  Isochronic tones and Affirmations

Success Session.  Binaural tones and Affirmations.  Use Headphones.

Mini Vacation.  Binaural Tones.  Use Headphones.

Relaxation Break.  Isochronic tones.

Schumann Resonance.  Isochronic tones at 7.83 Hertz frequency, the vibration of life on our planet.

Immune Support.  Isochronic tones.

Mood Support.  Isochronic tones.


Best Practice Tips

Isochronic Sessions can be used with or without headphones, however, using headphones creates a more isolated experience.

Do not operate machinery or perform any function where you must remain alert while using these sessions.

Close your eyes during the session.

Attempt to breath slowly into your belly, not your chest.  Breath in through your nose for a slow count that is comfortable to you and then breath out for the same count through your mouth during the session.

Lightly place your tongue against the roof of your mouth during the session.

Focus on the sounds and your breathing during the session.

Relax and enjoy the experience.